Ollie empowers a curious mind that enables the individual to be happy at home, work and in health. Family, friends and employers get a person capable of self-regulating and mitigating pressures as they arise.

The Get Curious method encourages clients to ask questions of themselves and really dig under the bonnet to identify what it is that truly ignites the fire in thier belly. Often by revisiting days gone by.

The Problem - In the past year, 74% of people have felt so stressed they have been overwhelmed or unable to cope.

The Solution - It is time to turn the argument on from one of burden and cost, to one of recognising value and gain from protecting and improving mental and physical fitness.

His experience comes from living the process, going through burnout in the public sector, unfulfilment in the finance sector and now Get Curious Ltd - where he is undisputably enjoying and thriving at home, work and in health from his own curious mindset.

From day one, Ollie has always taken to believing in people and backing the under-dog, it remains the same today.

"I recognise that not everyone has the space, knowledge or tools to make decisions that puts them at their best. Most do not know when they are at their best! Its time to get curious, learn how to make better decisions in life and work."

Oliver Martin


“Ollie is a natural communicator and empathetic listener with excellent, innate delivery skills. His thoughtful and reflective style encourages people to listen and absorb new information and to understand its relevance to them. Ollie is able to gain rapport with individuals very quickly and to build on this to help guide them to accept new approaches and concepts.”


mum of 2 and full time employment, senior leadership

“Seeing Ollie has been an enjoyable and valuable experience, not only has he given me a clear picture of the small steps I need to undertake to achieve my goals, but he has also helped me enhance my confidence and self-esteem”.


senior leadership

“I didn’t know what to expect from Ollie, but he has helped change areas in life I was not happy with. I found time to focus on myself, something I feel I have not done in a long time, he’s now a good friend”.



“Having worked with Oliver for many years I am always impressed with his positive attitude, ability to see the bigger picture and his drive for helping others fill their potential in both their work and private lives. He is genuinely motivated by helping others succeed”.


“I worked very closely with Oliver while developing Due Diligence and Risk Mitigation initiatives, and I was always impressed with his commitment to detail and indeed, his commitment to clients and their safety. I truly enjoyed working with Oliver and would highly recommend him for and future venture”.


Quality Manager

“During the short time I have known Ollie, he has shown kindness, a willingness to help and he displays a genuine interest in the well-being of others. He is motivated and tries to kindle that motivation in others”.


Ops Manager

“Ollie takes your mindset and shows you how to explore options with a much broader view, this in turn opens up unexpected doors and allows an easier transition and progression path. Would highly recommend, especially if you come from a policing background”.



“Ollie is one of those guys you want in your corner during times of difficulty and uncertainty… The quality that makes Ollie a stand out is his ownership over his own personal challenges and his willingness to face those demons head on. This to me is a display of true leadership which shatters the ‘mask of masculinity’ that most of us ‘big fellas’ put on every day. Ollie redefines what it means to be strong and successful, and proves how you can pursue happiness without jeopardising your health and relationships. Ollie is a living example of what true success means for a modern man and is an asset to all men looking for a guide and mentor to help them through their own rough patch in life”


General Manager

“Such a fantastic personal experience! After completing a ten week Get Curious programme with Ollie I feel more positive, enagaged and happy to take on the challenges presented before me. I would highly recommend this programme to men who are looking for an escape from life’s burdens and stress. Speak with Ollie; you’ll be surprised where the journey will take you”.


Who are the clients?


From a coaching perspective Ollie typically works with men and has set up various men's talk clubs, for the simple very simple reason "I am a man, I get the challenges, I have helped hundereds, more deserve time and attention".

As a consultant he wants the best outcomes for everyone so shares the Get Curious space, knowledge and tools with organisations so they can perform at their best too.

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