"We will work with the organisation, team or individual to ensure delivery of a project. That means being adaptable, resilient, organised and contactable"

OlLie Martin


Ollie is an experienced speaker holding the role of Vice President at Brighton Toastmasters International during 2019.

As a former police officer with 1000's of hours experience and exposure to real life issues there are an abundance of stories for Ollie to tell.

They typically come with humour, emotion and a real-life lesson that transitions to our lives at home, work and in health.

These can relate to any organisation, group or team.

Ollie attends well-being events to promote improved mental and physical fitness.


Ollie works with private individuals and organisations to generate curious mindsets that cultivate self-regulating people and cultures. That are able to disconnect from the demands of the modern world. Focus on triggers that put them at their best.

As a result individuals thrive in the workplace, at home and in their health. Organisations have happier people that make decisions, use thier imaginations, have less conflict and live healthier lives. Sickness levels drop, performance goes up.

Consulting and coaching for an organisation. One-2-one clients work with Ollie over a minimum of six weeks.


Ollie partners with various expedition leaders, creating the perfect escapes from busy schedules. Time is the most valuable commodity and these trips allow individuals and teams to disconnect, relax, try something new or simply soak up the environment and be calm.

There is no pressure. No hard agenda. No outcomes to chase.

Just space, knowledge and tools to trigger your curiosity.

The main location of these escapes is based in the heart of the East Sussex countryside and hour from London and Gatwick. The likes of Everest and Machu Picchu are also on the agenda as extra special options.

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