How to make decisions in life and work


How to make decisions in life and work…..from an early age I can recall recognising how the language I used influenced others behaviours. Just on a subtle level. I didn’t convince people to run naked through the school classrooms or hand over a fist full of cash. But I certainly knew how to forge a relationship and how not.

First of all effective communication was utilised throughout my personal life to build fantastic relationships and through my professional overt and covert careers resolving conflict. Furthermore, now as a life consultant helping others with how to make decisions in life and work.

Career choices have always been predetermined moves. It is only now I recognise they have all been built around communication and that intrigue in others behaviours. In addition, I also have an affinity for risk, energy and achievement. Consequently, those aspects which led me into a covert world of identifying, recruiting and managing human information sources. As a result, my communication skills were put to the test to build honest relationships. Moreover, my energy levels were through the roof due to the risks involved. All things considered, we achieved great things!

Critically, I learnt how to make decisions in life and work. That were serious. Unavoidable. They had to be made. Right or wrong. I learnt how to remain focused on goals and how to coach and mentor others to achieve the black and white, in a world of grey and blur. For the first time I placed decision making models and theory alongside operational planning and my natural communication styles. Everything was taken into consideration. It was effective.

How to make decisions in life and work
R.A.R Model

At a crucial time in my life, I had to make a big decision to move career for my own health and for the benefit of my growing family. This was quite a challenge. How to make a decision for myself? This was something fresh. Daunting. Not an easy thing to do when all you hear is your own mind ticking over. My wife was a confidante. Close friends and family were supportive. But none were unbiased. It all ended up in a blur. Eventually, I regained focus, set actions, completed them and reviewed my progress. I achieved all I wanted physically, psychologically, legally, ethically and morally (PPLEM).

Jumping to the seemingly risk free overt world of offices – I thought my love of communicating and motivating others would go unsatisfied. Rather, it didn’t. As a result, I learnt more than ever. Most noteworthy, I realised even those with huge pay packets and apparent rock’n’roll lives – didn’t know how to make decisions. They would procrastinate on the grey and blur. In life and business. Hang on, these guys are meant to be decision making guru’s? No. They also needed to confine. Moreover, with someone who held judgement and could subtly lead them on how to make decisions in life and work. So, what an interesting turn in events for me!

Hence, from the early age of convincing people to hand over fists of cash and run naked through classrooms (not), high risk decision making, my own life decision making, big pay-packet decision making guru’s… I have helped people on how to make decisions in life and work. This comes naturally and equally through tested models and methods. I enjoy doing this. You will enjoy doing it too. Free yourself of procrastination.

How to make decisions in life and work
How to make decisions in life and work
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