I need someone on days like this


I need someone on days like this. In one breathe, do you ever find yourself asking these things, “Where… who… When… why… what needs doing? How?…. FFS…”.

Swinging from the ceiling?

We are all human and I don’t get out of bed everyday swinging from the ceiling. Far from it. Consequently, the smallest of tasks can become an absolute rascal to deal with.

As an example, in the last six years I have married, had three children, moved house four times, made a significant career change and had pretty much zero sleep. So yes, once in a while any one of those things, combined with another life issue – was a ball breaker – sending me into a bubble of chaos where I would get head down and arse up until the job was done. Near on killing myself. Honourable stuff but I could have reached out. Life’s to short to get bogged down. But it’s not easy to show weakness in this age – everyone is so happy and positively succeeding in life right? I mean it’s all over their Facebook and Twitter….

Sort your sh*t out!

I need someone on days like this
Oliver Martin Life Consultant

As a result I often used to think I need someone on days like this, to help sort my sh*t out. So that led to me create Oliver Martin Life Consultancy (OMLC).Its a consultancy because it can go one, two or three steps further to get you over the line.

Whether that is a coach, mentor, concierge or confidant it remains unbiased, trustworthy, honest and tells you how it is. With the ability to sit you down, lay out all the things that need doing and help you get them done through conversation and action.A fixer.

So whatever you do, and whatever your circumstances in life and work, if it’s all getting a bit much to crack the whip and tick the boxes and you think to yourself “I need someone on days like this” then get in contact and lets get it done.

I need someone on days like this:

Performance – Goal setting – Fitness – Career change – Work/life balance – Relationships

Home/life security – Logistics – Lifestyle management – Business management/intelligence – Discreet enquiries – Travel management

Solutions Not Problems

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