how to find an itch you cant scratch

How to scratch an itch you cant find. You are not alone.

How to scratch an itch you cant find? I just found a scribbled note in an old pad of mine… word for word this is it…(no editing).

I am a dad, husband, son, brother, uncle, colleague, mentor, citizen and listener.

I earn good money. Have a house. Have beautiful kids. Have an amazing wife. I have my health.

But I’ve got an itch. An invisible itch. It comes around every couple of weeks. A month if lucky. I don’t know what starts it or what ends it. But I know it and I am starting to get really bored of it.


how to scratch an itch you cant find
Walk the walk

When you itch an itch its satisfying. But if the itch is due to being unsatisfied… how do you itch it?

I think my resolve to the itch is a dream of being my own boss and doing what Career.

But its all the things I mention above that seem to stop me itching my unsatisfied itch. So I need some tools to help me scratch”

So, if you are wondering how to scratch an itch you cant find then your are not the only one!

how to scratch

So to avoid that itch coming back you need to take time out and ask yourself some probing questions and reach a resolve. A technique to make yourself familiar with is the 5WH method which simply asks that you ask What, Where, Why, When, Who and How on every query you need to overcome. Then take action otherwise your not going anywhere.

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