8 Top Tips and 5 Simple Steps to Overcome Your Own Barriers. Today!

Recently someone told me that they dreamt of working for themselves as a designer in the comfort of their own home; enjoying the ability to adapt to the demands of family life. When I asked why they weren’t doing it yet, the answer was – “Oh! It will never happen. I get stuck in my own head at the same point every time”. Wow! This blows my mind. If you know the hurdle then figure out how to get over it! Lots of us default to negative thoughts and are dutiful to a lack of confidence. Let’s have a look at how you can challenge the mind to achieve all you want; no matter how big or small that change is.

I get stuck in my own head

Wellness author David James Lees said “Be mindful of self-talk. It’s a conversation with the universe”. It is the self-talk that can skew our thinking and the actions we take, or do not take. So, as a challenge, listen to yourself and explore what’s being said. It’s hard to do, but worth the effort. As a result, you may just hear how harsh you are on yourself and change the outcome.

Explore your Thoughts

For the ‘work-from-home-designer’ her barrier was a lack of business and technical knowledge on how to set up for herself. Her dreams and ambition would run wild; creating an internal buzz and passion that nothing else could replicate. But, as soon as anything administrative came in to play, the wind was taken from her sail and the dream would stop. Disappointment and discontent crept into her day and she would end up telling herself to “Suck it up, you’re not cut out for it”. I say, if you want to live in that world forever, don’t change. But quit your moaning.

8 top tips:

At the point of their next barrier, winners (the designer) will take on my challenge and ask themselves the following questions:

1. Is my conclusion negative?
2. Is what I am saying actually true?
3. Is there any other way I can view this?
4. How would a positive person (think of someone you know) see this?
5. What’s the worst that can happen – NO – what’s the best that could happen!?
6. In time, will this really matter?
7. Is the way I am thinking moving me towards my goal?
8. What can I learn from this to help in the future?

Adapt to a new journey

Over the years I have become aware of when I get stuck in my own head and ‘sound like a broken record’. As a result, I have become better at ‘hearing’ myself, changing my own view and then direction. The benefits of this can be remarkable and truly improve your overall wellness.

As a result of challenging her self-talk, changing her views and taking action the ‘work-from-home-designer’ has made sensational progress.

5 Simple step’s:

So, if you are one of these that finds themselves getting stuck in your own head you need to:

1.      recognise your barrier,

2.      use the 8 top tips,

3.      take action,

4.      review the outcome

5.      repeat!

Then it’s possible for you to do the things you’ve always wanted to do and feel proud. 

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